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Top Winter Care Tips For Your Cart

By James Clough October 14, 2021

Top Winter Care Tips For Your Cart

Stewart Golf

October 2021

Keep your cart performing this winter and beyond

Winter is coming. For some of us comes weeks, maybe even months when it may not be possible to regularly get out on the course. The weather does tend to have a habit of doing its worst when you are at the furthest point from the clubhouse after all! 

At Stewart Golf, our carts are handbuilt to perform in all seasons. However, during the winter months there are several steps you can take to ensure optimum performance in tougher conditions, as well as making sure your cart is in top shape come the spring. 

Regular maintenance of your electric cart throughout winter is the best way to ensure optimal performance come the following spring

Electric Cart

At Stewart Golf we suggest taking the following actions this winter, whether you plan on playing throughout or taking a well earned rest over the coming months. 

1) We always recommend that you get into the habit of charging your battery after each use. During the winter, if not playing regularly we’d suggest topping up the battery’s charge for at least a couple of hours the night before playing

2) On the course, be sure to avoid deep standing water, to prevent water damage to the electronics

3) Wipe down your cart after each use, to avoid build up of dirt and grit in mechanics. Do not use jet/pressure washers on your cart, simply use a damp cloth and towel

4) Don’t leave your cart or battery where they are subject to extreme temperatures. For example, in your car during winter nights

5) Do not leave battery in cart after use. Once charged (green light showing on charger) disconnect from charger

6) If not using your cart over winter, be sure to give your battery a full charge cycle at least once a month, to avoid degradation. Do not charge with battery on a cold floor

7) Add a coat of a silicon-based grease (avoid lithium) to rear axle and drive dogs, then place wheels in freewheel position and spin to evenly coat all areas. This will help to avoid moisture build up and oxidization whilst in storage

8) Store cart (and equipment) in a dry environment when not in use, preferably indoors/in your garage


a) Place handset on charge after each use. When LED goes green the handset is fully charged

b) If cart is not in use over winter. Put handset through full charge cycle at least once a month to ensure optimal performance

Push Cart

1) Clean cart after each use with a damp cloth or air-hose

2) Avoid extreme temperature conditions, such as leaving cart in car overnight

3) Invest in PTFE spray (no oil-based lubricants). Before storing cart for winter, spray all moveable parts of the cart, including up into the Stewart Golf latch and leave overnight


Dry out and clean bags or other Stewart Golf accessories before storing over winter to avoid dirt build up and mould

Taking the above steps with your cart and its equipment is the best way to ensure that you get the maximum performance from it, whether you decide to play throughout the winter, or when you are back out on the course come spring. 

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