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Kevin Stevenson Reviews his new R1 Push

By Luke Cummins April 03, 2016

Loading the car

Well I just got my shiny new R1 push and I was dying to use it but the weather is very inclement. I keep looking out of the window expectantly but the rain has just set in for the day. By lunchtime my desire to play has overtaken my common sense so I start loading up the car. I was thinking, with the wind and the rain it will be the ultimate test for my new R1 Stewart trolley. The first thing I noticed putting the trolley in to the boot is how easy it is to lift and manoeuvre and how little room it takes up too. My golf bag has acres of space now, can’t wait to use it in ernest, so off to the course I go.

Unloading the car

Kevin puts his R1 Push inside his VW UP

After getting my golf bag out the first thing I noticed when I opened the boot was how easy it was to slide the folded trolley to the front of the boot for better access (this trolley is quite unique in that all three wheels still work even when folded), normally I have to drag my trolley sideways depositing most of the golf course in the boot. I do have a trolley bag for my old trolley but trying to put it in the bag is quite a task and a lot of effort at the end of a round of golf whereas the R1 is just so much lighter and more ergonomic.

Unfolding the trolley

Now this was going to be a challenge, so I thought, as I had only done this once before, I remembered to adjust the handle angle first by loosening the handle lock then retightening and then I opened the chassis locking flap lifted the handle and by minimal effort and gravity the trolley was up, how easy was that! Then all I had to do was push down the chassis flap, a minor adjustments to the handle angle and the job was done. The revelation for me was I didn’t have to touch any dirty bits of the trolley to actually use it.

Putting the golf bag on the trolley

The rain was really coming down now, but the seconds it had taken me to get the trolley ready meant I was a lot drier than I would have been if I had been using my old trolley. I decided to put the brolly holder on first so I could get some shelter this was a doddle too as it is a substantial plastic tube which screws in to the top of the handle within seconds the brolly was up and secured, and to my amazement the trolley didn’t fall over. I have never owned a push trolley that stays up with an open brolly and no golf bag to counter the weight, this trolley is truly unique. The bag too was a doddle to put on and it is the best securing mechanism I have ever seen, the top of the bag secures between two adjustable heavy duty rubberised arms which clamp the sides of the bag and then secures with a silicon strap designed to give constant pressure and stop the bag twisting. The bottom the of bag clamps between two smaller arms and secured by a heavy duty silicon strap in the same way, this is much less fiddly than having to use a Velcro strap mechanism for the top of the bag which you need to tighten each time and a dodgy clip which soon breaks at the bottom.

On the course

Well I am now ready for the R1s maiden voyage, with very little effort the trolley is in motion and I am on the course, the first thing I notice when pushing this trolley is how premium it feels it seems to have a softness almost a suspension like feel absorbing bumps and undulations, it also seems to be well mannered too, not randomly wandering off when you are about to take your shot even with the brake off. It feels very stable given the really windy and raining conditions. It’s getting wetter now so I decide to put the golf bag cover on, now this has always been a challenge in the past as I have always had to do this before putting the bag on the trolley, no such problem with the R1 though yet another thumbs up.Another thing I have noticed is how quiet the trolley is especially the wheels and the precise steering means this trolley is more than happy to stay in a straight line unlike my old trolley which seemed to vary daily with either a fade or draw bias. I have played 6 holes now in heavy wind and rain I think it’s time to call it a day and back to the car I go. The bag has not twisted an inch, this is new territory for me as I can go from the car to the first tee and the bag can twist from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock with my old trolley in that short distance.

Packing up

Well I am now ready to pack up and I am really hoping it is quick, and it did not disappoint, heavy duty straps unlock quickly, the golf bag comes away without the trolley still attached which has happened numerous times in the past with other well-known manufacturers, and with a release of the chassis lock the R1 folds up with the help of gravity again, I didn’t have to touch or bash any wet or muddy parts too. All that remains is to close the lock and loosen and fold down the handle then retighten and the R1 can be lifted with the handle without unravelling, absolutely brilliant. It then slides in to back of the boot easily on the wheels, how neat. I definitely think on a miserable day for golf the R1 Push has put a smile on my face.

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