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Experience more on the golf course Experience more on the golf course - mobile

Experience more on
the course

3 Modes of Operation

X9 Follow


Ground-breaking technology that allows you to walk the course handsfree, focusing only on your next shot.



Full remote control capability allows you to guide your X9 Follow to meet you at the next tee.



Control the X9 Follow with the handle to negotiate tight spaces or bridges and to cross cart paths.

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Patented Follow Technology

All you need to know about our Follow system is that it works at the touch of a button.

How it works is more compilated… A microprocessor controlled electronics system with integrated Bluetooth Class 1 communications is mated to 5 electromagnets (2 on the cart, 3 in the handset). More than 1 million lines of code instruct the cart's functions.

The system creates a magnetic field that allows it to locate the position of the handset relative to the cart. The system will react to movements of the handset to keep the cart about five feet behind the handset. The X9 Follow's twin motors vary their speed to keep pace and direction with its owner.

When the user gets to their ball, the X9 Follow senses that the handset has stopped moving and stops itself. As the golfer steps towards their golf bag, they step in to the 'neutral zone' where they can place the handset on the cradle. After their shot, the golfer takes the handset, attaches it to their belt or back pocket and continues walking down the fairway - and the cart simply follows them again.

Ultimate Control

Use the X9 Follow's compact handset to operate the cart while on the course. Featuring secure Bluetooth connectivity, the handset gives you complete and consistent control throughout your round.

With a range of up to 50 yards, you don't need to be constantly nursing your cart around the course. When you want to completely forget about it, simply engage Follow mode and clip the handset to your belt or back pocket.

Experience a hole with your X9 Follow

Handbuilt in Great Britain

As a company, golf flows through our veins. If we aren't in the office, we are on the golf course using our products for leisure.

We handbuild every golf cart that leaves our 10,000 sqft factory simply because that is the best way to do it. Our technicians take the time, have the skill and knowledge to produce unrivalled excellence.

We fulfil all orders from our US headquarters in Clearwater, FL, with same day dispatch via UPS Ground, delivery times can be as little as one day.

With over 16 years of handbuilding the world's finest electric carts, we know what excellence looks like.

But can it improve your game But can it improve your game - mobile

But can it
improve your game?

The Key Stats

"I feel more relaxed on the course."

Relaxation is the key to good golf, playing consistently and ultimately enjoying your round. With the lack of worrying about where your clubs are the X9 Follow helps you relax into your round.

"My game has improved."

Since owning the X9 Follow, over two thirds of customers have reported an improvement in their game.

Average shots saved per round.

67% of customers saved an average of 3 shots per round after purchasing the X9 Follow. Could this be you as well?

"I am more prepared for my next shot."

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail! Using the X9 Follow and it's remote capability to have complete flexibility on the course also helps to speed up your play which means rushing to take your shot will be a thing of the past.

"I would recommend to a friend."

Stewart Golf's engineering, product design and customer service is something we pride ourselves on. Our customers recognise this and are happy to recommend to friends and colleagues.

Our Customers

Our team build every cart by hand to ensure excellence is delivered in every aspect of the machines we sell. Our customers are considered a part of the Stewart Golf family, which is why we love to meet as many as possible and hear their views on what we do.

We invited a group of X9 Follow owners to Moor Park, near London, for lunch and 18 holes of golf. Alongside playing a round with them, we asked them what they loved about their Stewart Golf machines, and how it helped them play better golf.


Aside from the general business awards Stewart Golf has been presented with over the years, these are just some of accolades that the X9 Follow has had bestowed upon it.



Expert Reviews

National Club Golfer

"The X9 Follow feels extremely well made and from using it on a hilly course I can vouch for how robust it is."

- National Club Golfer

Golf Magic

"Stewart Golf X9 Follow oozes class"

- Golf Magic

Golf Monthly

"There really is no other cart like it and it genuinely makes using it a fun and enjoyable experience."

- Golf Monthly

Today's Golfer

"You don't need to worry about where your cart is going, it's always going to be there behind you"

- Today's Golfer

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